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Experience Helps


Everyone knows the more you do something, the better you get-hopefully.  Along with this come advances in technology.  The combination of these makes for better outcomes. The past several months, I have been to an implant conference in Vienna, Austria; and two additional US meetings covering new procedures, anesthesia, and cybersecurity. I maintain my board…

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When Space is Tight-Part 2


This is a retired dentist, who lost lower front teeth ultimately.  Root canals failed, Maryland bridge failed; minimal bone for dental implants.  Two small Bicon 3 x 8 mm implants were placed, angled into the greatest thickness of bone-no grafting. They were restored at 4 months with integrated abutment crowns (IACs).  IACs are one piece…

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When Space is Tight-Part 1


The old joke about dental implants is, you need bone and money.  Bone can be created.  Money is usually earned.  When teeth disappear, the bone housing around the roots disappears.  Frequently, this requires additional surgery/grafting for the placement of dental implant(s).  In the old days, and still commonly practiced today, the grafting was a separate…

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The Problem with Dentistry-Dentistry


A light bulb went off in my head several years ago.  Every other patient I see my age, has spent their whole life in a dental chair with a continuum of treatments.  This culminates with extractions, and if they want fixed or functional teeth, reconstruction using dental implants.  Most of these people have tried really…

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Dry Socket, a Thing of the Past?


Dry socket is a term that is often misapplied to pain after a tooth extraction.  This is a rare condition; an extraction site completely devoid of clot-scab equivalent on dry skin. Foul odor from bacterial invasion is usually present.  This is a significant problem.  Fortunately this almost never occurs.  What we see is complaint of pain,…

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A New and Better World of Oral Surgery


Until we knew better, no one realized how brutal a tooth extraction was. Unless a tooth came out directly or you had massive pain to begin with, the treatment was worse than the problem.  Particularly when we “dug” around a tooth to remove it.  Teeth are much harder than the bone.  It is easier to…

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Do you trust your doctor?  I hope so.  In today’s world of mass production and socialized medicine, sometimes I feel like a number when I go to a medical appointment.  I know everyone I see, so I ultimately get treated very nicely.  I wish everyone could say that.  I can’t control other situations.  But, I can treat every…

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I have TMJ!


TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is a widely used term that is applied to disorders associated with this system.  We have not figured out how to correct all the problems, so we just changed the name to TMD (temporomandibular disorders).   The teeth and the way they occlude (come together) and the jaw joints (TMJs), along with…

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Dental Implants and Periodontal Disease


Dental implants are not a cure all.  They are titanium (non-magnetic, don’t set off metal detectors and MRI scans are OK) and don’t decay, never need root canals, and are hard to break, unlike teeth.  The only thing they are subject to that affects teeth is periodontal disease.  If you don’t keep them clean, you…

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You may see advertisements on TV now about how someone walks in with a bunch of bad teeth and comes out with new, fixed teeth on implants.  This is indeed possible.  But, it is not as easy as it looks.  The surgery happens all at once.  However, there is much planning up front.  There is…

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