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Implant Home Care Instructions

  1. Bone fusion (osseointegration) to your implant(s) depends in part on how you take care of your mouth. The ideal conditions for this have been created; you must maintain them.
  2. Throughout the healing phase (3-6 months). NO PRESSURE must be placed on the implant(s). Movement is the enemy of bony healing. If you are wearing a removable prosthesis (denture, partial, flipper), it has been relieved or removed to avoid excess pressure. During your healing phase, if you notice any pressure from the prosthesis on a area, notify us
  3. IMMEDIATELY AFTER SURGERY— For 72 hours you should minimize your activity. Increased blood pressure will cause more circulation to the area and more pain, swelling, and bleeding. Implant placement is usually less painful than having teeth removed; however, this is not the time to test the limits of the body. The following will also help.

–Use moist gauze packs as needed for bleeding

–Keep your head elevated above your heart

–Ice the area(s) as much as possible

–Keep everything (food, tongue, toothbrush) away

–Take your medications as prescribed, especially antibiotics

–Instead of brushing the area around the implant(s), use the prescribed antimicrobial mouth rinse. You may brush other areas.

  1. EARLY HEALING PHASE— The gums will take 2-4 weeks to be normal again. During this time, any irritation to them might compromise the healing. Eat soft foods on the other side.

First Week– Relay on the antimicrobial mouth rinse to clean the area. First, rinse with warm water, then Peridex for 30-60 seconds.

Second Week– If your case was complex (bone grafts, significant gum manipulation), the above may still apply. Otherwise, you may gently swab the areas with Q-tips dipped in Peridex after you rinse the area clean. You may continue the Peridex swabs to keep the gums healthy. We will schedule regular follow up appointments to personalize your home care.

  1.   LATE HEALING PHASE— Once the gums are healed, you may resume normal hygiene activities. There must still be no pressure of any kind of the implants(s). If you have any questions please call.