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A coronectomy is a term applied to the removal of only the crown of a tooth.  This is reserved for teeth that are impacted with pathology (disease) on the surface and healthy roots.  Frequently, a retained, impacted tooth (usually a wisdom tooth) will be exposed with infection around the crown. The roots of long-standing impacted…

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Dental Implants

Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Branemark is widely credited with the discovery of root form titanium dental implants.  In the 1950’s, he found bone fused to titanium in his animal studies.  In 1965, he applied this technology to humans with the first titanium root form implant placement.  Until titanium, all forms of implants used were held…

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Grafting with Collagen Plugs

Bovine (cow) Achilles tendon has been processed and sterilized into biocompatible sponges for well over twenty years.  This is the first material we have ever had that we can take out of a sterile container, place in a tooth extraction socket, and actually enhance healing.  The plug (white sponge that looks like a 45 caliber bullet) is…

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Grafting with Platelets

Platelets are normal circulation cells in the blood.  We hear about the bad things they do, clot in unwanted places like the brain (stroke) and coronary arteries (heart attack).  They are one of three mechanisms that keep us from bleeding to death when the circulatory system is disrupted. The other good thing they do is…

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Arthroscopic joint surgery was first done in Japan and became popular in the 1980’s.  The concept of minimally invasive surgery made it to America and was widespread by the early 1990’s.  Orthopedic joint and abdominal procedures, such as gall bladder removal were our first ventures with this. Puncture wounds with minimal invasion of the overlying and surrounding structures is less…

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Every tissue of the body can have abnormal growths.   The mouth and jaws are no exception.  Most growths are benign.  The ones we worry about are cancer.  Pathology is the science of disease growths.  Pathologists are the specialists who deal with this.  A biopsy is sampling or removing completely something that is abnormal for…

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Same Day Teeth®

Many people are familiar with TV advertising that talks about having fixed teeth on implants placed in one day.  It can/does happen in one surgical appointment, but it is not quite that simple.  Much planning and work pre-operatively needs to go into this.  There is necessary follow up and long-term maintenance too.  This primarily comes…

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Surgical Orthodontics

Orthodontics along can only move the teeth so far.  Sometimes the problem is in the position or shape of the jaw bones.  If the bones are too long or too short or too narrow, the teeth cannot be aligned properly with braces alone.  The teeth would be pulled out of the bones to get them…

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Tooth Extraction

Removing teeth has always been a brutal procedure that leaves a raw wound behind.  Teeth are much harder than the bone.  We were all taught to make you give way (peal the gums back and remove bone from around the tooth) for tooth extractions.  Even if you can pull a tooth out directly, you are…

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are our third set of molars.  They are the last teeth to come in (16-18 years approximately).  They seem to cause the most problems, as removal of many is necessary.  Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed.  If one has room for them, you will not need to see an oral surgeon. …

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