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Grafting with Collagen Plugs

Bovine (cow) Achilles tendon has been processed and sterilized into biocompatible sponges for well over twenty years.  This is the first material we have ever had that we can take out of a sterile container, place in a tooth extraction socket, and actually enhance healing.  The plug (white sponge that looks like a 45 caliber bullet) is processed so there is no longer any cow in it.  It is just a scaffold for holding blood in the socket.  A clot or plug of blood forms in an extraction socket.  This is the equivalent of a scab on our skin.  When a scab forms poorly or comes off prematurely, it hurts worse and takes longer to heal.  The same is true in a tooth socket.  At it’s worst, we call this a dry socket.  With minimally invasive surgery and collagen plug grafting, this is virtually a thing of the past.